My new Game project

I’m making an RPG! It’s just a small demo right now, and I’ve already encountered some huge problems, but I’m sticking with it. Not only is it fun to make, but I’m making the kind of RPG that I want, so even if no one else likes it, I’ll enjoy it.


I’ve been feeling pretty terrible lately. My aunt has cancer, my sister just got out of Drug Rehab, and to top it all off, everyone keeps talkin’ about how “Terrible” my voice is. Take into consideration that I am a person, and I have feelings. Anyway, I’ve got a buddy that has just started making videos. I’ll be posting his videos in a blog, because he won’t bother to make one.


Me and Tin Cvitković are gonna be working together on Youtube. I’m very excited. I’ll keep posting updates about it. Until then, check out either of our channels!

Tin Cvitković:

Joey Cortez:


Enjoy, everyone!